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Bug#526823: (no subject)

Hi Aurelien,

I have just followed what comes in sid ;-)

Thus, with the annoucement of the "glibc (2.9-8) unstable; urgency=low"
on 28th of April, I started to have a very slow network and huge latency
problems with my computer.

Activating ipv6 support on the router helped a bit but did not really
solve the problem. It seems that latest glibc update "glibc (2.9-10)
unstable; urgency=low" has improved things and now it seems that
browsing the web is again feasible ;-)

I have also tested using opendns in my resolv.conf (with the same
problem that NetworkManager will overwrite the file on the next dhcp

Finally, I have to admit that I do not know what really improved the
things. I will now reset the configuration to my router dns and let it
work alone with latest glibc version to see if latency problems are
still there. If it is the case, I will the skip-request option and let
you know in any case.

Didrik Pinte - Gérant/Manager

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