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Bug#526823: (no subject)

Didrik Pinte a écrit :
> Hi Aurelien,
> I have just followed what comes in sid ;-)
> Thus, with the annoucement of the "glibc (2.9-8) unstable; urgency=low"
> on 28th of April, I started to have a very slow network and huge latency
> problems with my computer.
> Activating ipv6 support on the router helped a bit but did not really
> solve the problem. It seems that latest glibc update "glibc (2.9-10)
> unstable; urgency=low" has improved things and now it seems that
> browsing the web is again feasible ;-)

There has been a lot of change in glibc 2.9-10 to workarounds broken
routers. I think that what has help, and that's why I was asking you the

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