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Bug#526823: libc6: Not fixed in 2.9-10

> Which DNS server are you currently using? Have you tried to use
> "single-request" into /etc/resolv.conf?

Thanks for the help. This is on my laptop, so the DNS server depnds on where I am. At home on DSL, my IP assigns the DNS server by name, rather than numerical address. E.g.:

domain myip.net
search myip.net

This is where I have the problem. If the DNS server is assigned as a numerical address, it works fine. I've noticed this when am at other locations. Hence the opendns workaround solves the problem at home because the DNS server is assigned as a numerical address. E.g.


I have not tried "single-request" in /etc/resolv.conf. I didn't really understand how to do that. Just add a line that says "single-request" at the end? start? of /etc/resolv.conf?

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