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Re: Bugs in Backported Packages

Rene Engelhard schrieb am Thursday, den 09. September 2010:

> On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 01:22:24PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > 1: It's certainly a bug in the backported package using debhelper
> > improperly; it may also be an additional wishlist bug in debhelper.
> I disagree, the backported package uses debhelper correctly. Especially
> if you don't use the backported debhelper, too, you just have to rely
> on that debhelper would do it correctly.
> Or do you really want debian/rules checking which debhelper you use
> and add postinst/postrm snippets then after it noticed that dh_desktop
> in theory should add something (because this is lenny) but doesn't?
> The debhelper backport simply should have made debhelper working in lenny
> by reverting the change.
> For that matter, I have this in debian/rules already:
> ifeq "$(LENNY_BACKPORT)" "y"
>         dh_desktop -s
> endif
> Because dh_desktop is not needed anymore on sarge/sid but on lenny.
> But lenny-backports' debhelper doesn't do anything here like the
> version in sarge/sid (whereas lennys version does, and that's what is
> the expected environment inside lenny)
I'll fix that. 


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