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Re: Bugs in Backported Packages

On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 01:22:24PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
> 1: It's certainly a bug in the backported package using debhelper
> improperly; it may also be an additional wishlist bug in debhelper.

I disagree, the backported package uses debhelper correctly. Especially
if you don't use the backported debhelper, too, you just have to rely
on that debhelper would do it correctly.

Or do you really want debian/rules checking which debhelper you use
and add postinst/postrm snippets then after it noticed that dh_desktop
in theory should add something (because this is lenny) but doesn't?

The debhelper backport simply should have made debhelper working in lenny
by reverting the change.

For that matter, I have this in debian/rules already:

ifeq "$(LENNY_BACKPORT)" "y"
        dh_desktop -s

Because dh_desktop is not needed anymore on sarge/sid but on lenny.
But lenny-backports' debhelper doesn't do anything here like the
version in sarge/sid (whereas lennys version does, and that's what is
the expected environment inside lenny)


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