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Re: Bugs in Backported Packages

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 04:18:48PM -0400, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> Doing a quick look at the backports mailing list archive, there are less
> than 10 bugs reported per month on average.  That is for hundreds of
> packages. Doing some fuzzy math, if you have a package that got
> backported, you may see an additional 10/100 = 0.1 bug reports per
> month (or roughly one bug per year). I don't see how that could be
> remotely considered overburdensome.

A single package I'm comaintainer of that has a backports.org backport has
received at least 12 bug reports to the BTS over the past year referencing
bpo versions (not counting any that might have been retargeted using
found/notfound after being filed).  The reason there are few bug reports on
the mailing list is because these *already* come to the BTS.

For the package in question, the backports are done by a fellow
comaintainer, so I'm not complaining about the bug traffic; but that doesn't
mean it's *right* for that traffic to be going to the BTS by default.

> Backports has now been declared "officially" supported by the project
> as a whole.  That made it the collective responsibility of all
> Debian Developers whether or not individuals in particular like it or
> not.


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