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[OT] American Slavery (was Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post")

On 12/29/08 03:55, Peter Tuhársky wrote:
gregor herrmann  wrote / napísal(a):

Maybe you missed the "old enough" in Lisi's mail.
In Austria for example equal rights between man and woman in a
marriage exist only since 1975.
Cf. http://www.demokratiezentrum.org/media/pdf/info_familienrecht.pdf

Well, I've heard, that formally, a slavery has been cancelled just 1994 in some states of USA.

Maybe some old Jim Crow[0] laws that hadn't been enforced in 20 years. Slavery, though, has been illegal since December 1865.

[0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Crow_laws

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