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Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post"

Peter Tuhársky wrote:
> Saying that, I'm glad there are women in Debian community, although I
> don't fully understand their effort to maintain a special "Debian
> Women"  community. There is no "Debian Men" community I know of, and

Oh! Wait! What about the men!

I think you lack some perspective. Debian Men is the *default*
When I joined Debian there were 4 female developers, only one was
active., out of 1000 male ones. I felt weird becasue I was so much into
this 'boy thing'. 

By creating Debian Women, we are sending out the message that it is
definitely ok to be a female and and a geek, and we aim to create
visibility for those female users, developers, contributors... so that
they can serve as 'role models', or inspiration for other males and
females who might be inteested in getting involved. 

Regarding my personal webpage, it has nothing to do with Debian, so it
is offtopic in this discussion. The fact that I am a radical feminist
has nothing to do with Debian Women. I learned about feminism a lot
after Debian Women was created. My sorry attemps to get approval of our
project from male developers can be found in the list archives and proof
I had no idea what I was doing.

When I reflected upon my need for approval, I also found my answer to
the one million dollars question: Why are there so few women in
For me, the patriachy is an acceptable answer. Find your own, it is an
enlightment trip, and you do not need to aome to my same answer. 

You are right, the images there might be offensive to you as a man.
I am not sorry for that, sorry :) 

Debian Women is a group of women, not a group of feminists. Some of us
are feminists, well, get over it.

If any part of my answer sounds harsh, I am sorry, I didn't intend to. I
did my best over a sloppy ssh connection to be clear, but unapologetic.

I blame the patriarchy for this.

 ·''`.                            There's no arguing with Nature.
: :' :                                    Promises comfort fools.
`. `'                All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.
  `- Proudly running Debian GNU/Linux

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