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Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post"


2008/12/27 Amaya <amaya@debian.org>:
> When I reflected upon my need for approval, I also found my answer to
> the one million dollars question: Why are there so few women in
> computing?
> For me, the patriachy is an acceptable answer. Find your own, it is an
> enlightment trip, and you do not need to aome to my same answer.
As for me, if someone is not interested in something, why he must be
involved to it? E. g., Debian community has not so many members from
Saint Helena island, and what does it mean? Discrimination? Something
else? No, their majority probably don't use internet at all, and the
rested are not interested in Debian. So why we are not accusing
communtiy of discriminating Saint Helena inhabitants? :)
Hopefully, no Debian members will be against women joining to Debian.
But as we have no discrimination, they should satisfy all requirements
put in for all candidates. No more :)
> You are right, the images there might be offensive to you as a man.
> I am not sorry for that, sorry :)
Excuse me, you are against sexism, but what you mention is the same -
from the opposite side. That's the same "women's" sexism. If we should
respect women's rights, may be women should do the same? Otherwise it
looks very childish, sorry.

Best wishes,
Velichko Vsevolod.

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