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Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post"

#include <hallo.h>
* Noah Slater [Mon, Dec 29 2008, 10:13:10AM]:
> On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 10:55:54AM +0100, Peter Tuhársky wrote:
> > There are many things people did and do wrong. Enslaving anyone if bad.
> > Irrespectedly of gender. However, the feminism of its current shape, in
> > countries where no discrimination is pushed on women, is making the same
> > mistake, just in other direction. You know, apartheid has been cancelled not
> > so long ago, and what took place then? Reversed apartheid. It is well-pictured
> > in the Babylon 5 series, the Narn-Centauri neverending conflict. Bad for
> > anyone, both sides just revenging the old sins, ad infinitum.
> Wait, what?
> > It is well-pictured in the Babylon 5 series
> Tell me you didn't just cite a fictional universe...

And? IIRC there is a large fan base among Debian developers including
leading ones (hello Vorlon). And, after all, JMS created a good space
opera reflecting many issues of today's politics and human interaction.

But if you dislike SF by heart, take any real example of never ending
blood feud.


<mrvn> HE: oder bist du schon ins cabal eingeschworen worden?
<HE> mrvn: Klar. Ich musste eine Hand in die Hose stecken, eine auf ein
	Notebook legen und laut "I agree to distribute free p0rn to our users"
<HE> Erm. Mist. Das war die Lesbian-CABAL.

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