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Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post"

> I am not a dev or woman but I believe that sexism,racism and any other
> ism you want to add is wrong and should be dealt with accordingly and
> swiftly.

I fully agree. And I don't like anyone to insult others, NO MATTER THE GENDER!

I have read the "incriminating" mail and I don't found anything clearly offensive there, as far as I don't find anything worthy in it at all, although I appreciate the author to try to share at least a bit of humor with others. Well, some individuals couldn't bear such a humor, I personally have not been amazed anyhow, that's pitty, but I don't find any intention to offend anyone in the original "corpus delicti". The reaction was unnecessarily hard and there is much wonder about it in the community.

Saying that, I'm glad there are women in Debian community, although I don't fully understand their effort to maintain a special "Debian Women" community. There is no "Debian Men" community I know of, and probably noone find enough time or reasons worthy of the efforts to create it. However, if the women feel better having such a community, that won't hurt me anyhow.

As of the overwhelming reaction to the mail, I can partially understand the reaction, when I look at Amayita website.
and so on.

I think that could tell something, and me personally, I found these materials to be highly SEXISTIC and OFFENSIVE for me being a man. Cite: "I'm castrating bitch"
"the future is female"
"a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle"
"women make policy not coffee"
"vote for woman"
"powerful woman!"
"woman power"
"man hatin', ball breakin', hairy legged feminist"

"sexism is social disease" -Yes! Exactly.

Now, imagine I would put something similar on web, but in different context: "vote for man", "the future is male", "powerful man", "men make policy not coffee" etc. Wouldn't the feminists sue me instantly? I think the society is just TOO tolerant to female shovinism. Or it dosen't care enough about that.

Ladies, just please accept that the FREEDOM IS EQUAL for male and female. I, being a man, don't think, that men are generally anyhow higher nor better than women. And equally You, women, are generally not any way higher nor better than men. If You feel it otherwise, then You're attacking the very equality You call for. Else the word "equality" itself means something different for me than it means for You.

Both men and women have their natural strong and weak points, and it's way better to try to complement and learn how to live with it, than to blame and attack others.

Or what about this:
"5 million women still starve themselves to look beautiful"
Well, that's sad. I don't like the popculture too. Now, blame men for that, or whatever?

I'll end with
Yes. Please, try to be like that. Powerful, compassionate, balanced. Attacking others can not help You with that.

And please, Debian community, please, keep out from american social identity problems.


John Wiggles  wrote / napísal(a):

Shame on the Debian Project leaders for not coming out against these people who think that making jokes that degrade,insult and basically hurt the feelings of other HUMAN beings who work hard for FREE so we can all have a great operating system.

My feelings are hurt for the women of and the men who don't feel like these...let's just say it, STUPID LITTLE MINDED PEOPLE!

Ladies you have my support. Any way I can help just let me know.

John Chiazzese a.k.a. IdleOne

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