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Re: Wanted: introductory page for all teams

On Wed, 30 May 2007, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Anyway, before we get lost in all this prediction stuff, I'm yet to hear
> a good reason why we need complete triviality in the access method, as
> opposed to the kind of triviality we have had for years now: all that is
> necessary to get webwml access is to send a mail to debian-www saying
> you've read some docs and you want access.

Because most people don't bother when they want to fix only a small
detail in a web page. Furthermore, the procedure to get www-acces is not
that clear... when I joined the group, I had to seriously dig in the
documentation to finally find a web page which wasn't even hosted on a
debian.org website at that time (Joey's page that apparently moved to
people.d.o in the mean time and that you have now listed in

Anyway, debian-cd when it was hosted in CVS used to have write access to
all Debian developers and it worked perfectly fine. The collab-maint
SVN repository is also writable by all DD and I haven't heard a single
complaint up to now.

So consider this a +1 for me to get write access to all DD by default in
our website. I would also like the project to move away from CVS and
use something more friendly that can effectively enable bigger changes
(because it handles renames at least).

Raphaël Hertzog

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