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Re: Wanted: introductory page for all teams

On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 06:37:45PM -0400, Clint Adams wrote:
> > It's not unfair to say that web editing is by and large much a easier thing
> > compared to coding the C library. Consequently, the number of people who
> > know how to do it, as well as the people who *think* they know how to do it,
> > is much larger. There's a much larger probability of problematic situations
> > in such a setting.
> I'm not sure I buy that argument.  How would you rank debian-kernel
> work, which seems to be not infrequently rife with ego problems and
> revert wars?

In terms of difficulty, it's clearly much like glibc.

Now that you mention that, that's even more disconcerting, and probably
makes for an even lousier prospect for the web pages.

Anyway, before we get lost in all this prediction stuff, I'm yet to hear
a good reason why we need complete triviality in the access method, as
opposed to the kind of triviality we have had for years now: all that is
necessary to get webwml access is to send a mail to debian-www saying
you've read some docs and you want access.

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