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Re: Wanted: introductory page for all teams

On Sunday 27 May 2007 01:53, David Nusinow wrote:
> The only thing I've ever heard about helping out with the website is
> that it's a herculean task that no mere mortal should attempt.

Yes, a complete redesign of the website is a herculean task, but 
contributing to specific pages or parts is trivial. OTOH, I expect that 
for a webdesign professional even a redesign would be quite manageable as 
AFAICT the technical structure of the website is not all that 

My major issue with people complaining about the website is that keeping 
the _existing content_ of the website up to date is relatively little 
work. It just requires people caring about general pages and areas they 
are involved with and proposing updates on the debian-www list.
In most cases someone with commit access will commit concrete proposals 
quite quickly. The problem is with reports that go "this is broken/should 
be improved, but I can't be bothered to propose a replacement".

An example is the port pages. Keeping those relatively up-to-date is very 
little work if only porters took the trouble to actually look at the 
pages for their port every once in a while. However, even after sending 
pings to the port lists there generally is hardly any reaction at all.
OTOH, most ports are probably just as little "team"-maintained as the 

> That's exactly why I've abandoned the web site for the wiki anyway. I
> trivially had access, as does everyone else on the XSF, even non-DD's,
> making it incredibly easy to actually do work. As far as I'm concerned,
> the web site should be deprecated in favor of the wiki. I'm pretty sure
> Joey Hess has blogged about something similar.

The wiki is completely centered on English and therefore fails to serve a 
significant portion of our users. Sure, parts of the wiki are translated, 
but maintenance of that is an orders of magnitude worse problem than it 
is for the website.

As far as I'm concerned the wiki is not a valid alternative for the 
website until the translation issue has been addressed.

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