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Re: How to join a team

Thomas wrote:
>Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:
>> Most of the teams here work by the principle of «submit working
>> patches and be useful».  I don't think having a formalised process to
>> join the CD-image team (randomly chosen) is very useful.
>BTW, I hope to be able to make a web page that explains whatever I
>learn from this thread, so it's not just idle.
>I presume the following is true (but different teams are different, so
>that's what I'm looking for, what is different) for the teams you are
>speaking of:
>1) Anyone can join the mailing list and participate in the
>   discussions;
>2) Anyone can propose patches;
>3) Only some people can install the patches.
>Number (2) is true everywhere; number (1) is true only for some teams,
>and number (3) raises the question: who chooses who can install the
>patches directly and who cannot?

To continue using the CD team as an example:

1) We have people from all over participating - d-i people, d-cd
people, users, developers

2) Anyone can suggest changes/patches

3) CVS commit access is open to all DDs

If more people want to come and help get CDs and DVDs done, please
dive in. Some of the effort is centralised so far (like creating the
official images), but we'd love to share that out when possible. And
of course there's always more work in testing... :-)

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"I've only once written 'SQL is my bitch' in a comment. But that code 
 is in use on a military site..." -- Simon Booth

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