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How to join a team

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> writes:

> Most of the teams here work by the principle of «submit working
> patches and be useful».  I don't think having a formalised process to
> join the CD-image team (randomly chosen) is very useful.

BTW, I hope to be able to make a web page that explains whatever I
learn from this thread, so it's not just idle.

I presume the following is true (but different teams are different, so
that's what I'm looking for, what is different) for the teams you are
speaking of:

1) Anyone can join the mailing list and participate in the
2) Anyone can propose patches;
3) Only some people can install the patches.

Number (2) is true everywhere; number (1) is true only for some teams,
and number (3) raises the question: who chooses who can install the
patches directly and who cannot?


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