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Re: If *-module depends on *-utils, should *-source recommend it?

On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 21:57 -0800, Michael K. Edwards wrote:

> What would be the impact on (c)debootstrap of changing the operation
> of dpkg?
Forget the impact on debootstrap, the impact on APT and dselect is
pretty huge.  dpkg is designed to be able to unpack packages while their
dependencies are not yet fulfilled.

What's interesting is nobody has jumped in on this thread to point out
that dpkg *has* a dependency field for forcing checking of dependencies
before the package is unpacked.


What William Ballard, Cameron Hutchinson and Eduard Bloch are asking for
is to remove the difference between Depends and Pre-Depends and make all
Depends behave like Pre-Depends.

You can come out from behind the sofa now.

	descent tmp# dpkg -i banana_2.0.all.deb
	dpkg: regarding banana_2.0.all.deb containing banana, pre-dependency problem:
	 banana pre-depends on icecream
	  icecream is not installed.
	dpkg: error processing banana_2.0.all.deb (--install):
	 pre-dependency problem - not installing banana
	Errors were encountered while processing:
	zsh: exit 1     dpkg -i banana_2.0.all.deb
	descent tmp# cat /banana
	This is banana 1.0.
	descent tmp#

Have you ever, ever felt like this?
Had strange things happen?  Are you going round the twist?

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