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Re: If *-module depends on *-utils, should *-source recommend it?

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 09:43:21AM -0500, William Ballard wrote:

> They ain't there no more.  You can't use them.

William, you aren't using 'remove' in the same sense Scott and Cameron
were.  Remember this started when Cameron posited a sequence of
operations that dpkg might be going through.  Scott posted a correction
to that sequence (that there is no 'remove' operation going on).

Then you jumped in and said, "it looks to me like the old files are
clobbered" - which happened because you forgot that the topic was about
whether dpkg explicitly removed oldpackage before installing newpackage.

Yes, you're right, the old files are no longer accessible, but Scott is
entitled to be precise when saying that the files are not removed (as
canvassed by Cameron), but overwritten. Please accept gracefully that
you're both right and move on.

If either Scott or Cameron feels my summary is incorrect, please correct


    Vincent Ho
loki /at/ internode.on.net

Every complex problem is a simple hierarchy of simple problems.

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