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Re: dselect and its help messages

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 11:19 +0100, Domenico Andreoli wrote:

> > dpkg (1.10.26) unstable; urgency=low
> >   * Revert to current 'stable' behaviour of Space/Enter/'Q' in the dselect
> >     help screen, Space leaves the help screen and Enter and 'Q' do nothing.
> >     It's dangerous to encourage users to press Enter or 'Q' since they
> >     commit changes in the package selection screen.                   
> oh no, these are bad news :(
> i found it very fast using Enter to exit the help message. i'm not
> talking about the first one shown on entering package selection but the
> (usually "many") ones shown before dependency conflict resolution. it
> was everything in the right hand... really fast. and i've never been
> confused by this behaviour.
> IMHO people confused by dselect should switch to another dpkg/apt
> frontend and not break it.
Exactly, I agree *entirely*.

dselect has always used space to dismiss help messages and the current
stable (woody) version of dselect still uses space to dismiss help

People were confused by this, so dselect was broken in unstable to allow
Enter to be used.  Rather than breaking dselect, those people should
switch to another dpkg/apt frontend.

As noted in the changelog, Enter (and 'Q') in dselect are dangerous
keys, they commit changes.  Encouraging uses to hit Enter to dismiss
screens they don't know about is therefore encouraging users to commit
changes without considering them.

Have you ever, ever felt like this?
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