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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Scripsit Neil McGovern <maulkin@halon.org.uk>
> On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 08:53:34PM +0100, Henning Makholm wrote:

> >     There are many situations where it can be extremely useful to
> >     involve an upstream author in a single thread on a list, but
> >     where it would be discourtious to require upstream to be
> >     buried in the entire list traffic.

> See above. Posting address doesn't have to be the same as receiving
> address.

Not really relevant. It would be extremely bad policy to require
upstream authors to jump through hoops before they are allowed to
post answers and comments to the relevant mailing lists.

Sure, some upstreams will dutifully file whatever applications in
triplicate we require, but there will also be ones who conclude "screw
Debian; apparently they are not really interested in my help".

This would, over time, harm Debian much more than it will that we
people inside occasionally have to spend a few seconds skipping over
spam on the lists.

> >     The ease with with people can contact these lists will be
> >     greatly reduced if we have to say

> >       If you want advice with DFSG-freedom of a license, please
> >       subscibe to debian-legal@l.d.o and post your question there.

> >     instead of just "post to d-l and ask for a summary after the
> >     discussion".

> This could be a problem, indeed, but they woudn't need to subscribe to
> the actual list, just the whitelist.

It is still an unreasonable demand to place on people who want to
contact a Debian function. It is not the mark of an open project. It
will reduce the number of people who are willing to help us out with
specific things once in a while.

> >     Or how about:

> >       If you want to report a bug against any orphaned package, please
> >       first subscribe to debian-qa-packages and then post the bug to
> >       the BTS.

> >       If you want to request a rebuild on your package on a particular
> >       architecture, please first subscribe to debian-pdp11@l.d.o, and
> >       then ...

> I can submit bugs without being subscribed to debian-qa-packages.

The BTS will resend your submission to the mailing list, which is
registred as the maintainer address for orphaned packages. Your "from"
line in the email will be preserved. Your bug report will bounce back
to you - it will still be visible in the BTS, but no developers will
be automatically notified of it.

Henning Makholm                                   "No one seems to know what
                                       distinguishes a bell from a whistle."

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