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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

* Branden Robinson:

> On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 07:56:48AM +0200, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> Well, switch to a decent ISP that (a) doesn't mark ADSL space as
>> obviously as your current one and (b) is less lenient on spam.
>> Alternatively, you could route mail over your ISP's mail relay.
>> There is no reason to accept mail from mass-market ADSL subscribers.
> Thanks for sharing your attitude.  I'll put you on my list of people to
> never send mail to for any reason, even if they beg for my help.

You are welcome, I'm an ADSL subscriber myself. 8-)

> My home box is on all kind of blacklists despite the fact that my IP
> address hasn't changed in over a year.  In my experience, blacklist
> maintainers really do not give a shit about collateral damage.  It's
> just not important to them.

That's exactly why I use my own, homegrown blacklist.  All entries
were made after I received spam or Windows worms from addresses whose
reverse suggest that it's some kind of mass-market Internet access

However, there is a certain twist in my MTA configuration.

> BTW, please be sure you never send me unsolicited mail.  Such mail when
> I cannot reply qualifies as spam in my book.

Your MTA uses a HELO/EHLO argument which is (a) valid (the forward
lookup matches your server's IP address) and (b) different from your
reverse lookup.  This overrides my blacklist, and your mail should
pass through.

It's a hack, but it works remarkably well, and it helps in cases like

Current mail filters: many dial-up/DSL/cable modem hosts, and the
following domains: atlas.cz, bigpond.com, di-ve.com, hotmail.com,
jumpy.it, libero.it, netscape.net, postino.it, simplesnet.pt,
tiscali.co.uk, tiscali.cz, tiscali.it, voila.fr, yahoo.com.

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