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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

No. She didn't touch reportbug, but could handle an editor. Which is, if
I understood you correctly, one of the problems with reportbug: it
spawns an editor.

No, I think you didn't understand me correctly.

I've been a Gentoo user for a while, and what struck me was that it was so easy to report bugs and provide new ebuild - that is, to actively participate in the process of improving Gentoo.

Debian is much less transparent in this regard. And I think the lack of an easy bug reporting system is one of the reasons for this.

Setting the network up is a completely different thing, and has nothing
to do with reportbug et al. (Also note that if there is no network, the
web interface won't work either, so your random user needs to set up the
network anyway)

It does for sending mails. Many people (like me) don't care about configuring an MTA on every one of their boxen.

Also, configuring a simple mta for a home system, your average user will
have is as simple as installing any mta, and telling it your ISP's smtp

And back to one of my original points: if an average user can't set up
his network, including mailing, and/or can't use an editor, I don't want
him to report bugs. Period. He should learn to handle his computer
better first, or ask a more advanced user to report a bug for him.

Well, if this point of yours is also "Debian's point", to only have wizzards sending in bugs, it's no wonder projects like Libros, Lindows and Xandros keep popping up...


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