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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

> >Besides, if someone finds reportbug too complicated (in its default
> >mode; if you switch to advanced mode, it can be complicated, yes), he
> >shouldn't report bugs at all. Last I used reportbug, it guided me
> >through the bugreporting process, with lots of hints and whatnot. Can't
> >be easier than that, I'd say.
> The fact that it starts asking about how to send an email and 
> that it uses an editor like Joe, Emacs or vi makes it 
> completely unusable for about 99% of all computer users... 
> Even in the simplest mode.

Can't they use an editor? You can configure your system so that
reportbug will fire up your favourite editor for you, even openoffice,
mcedit, nano or whatever you prefer. Graphical or text based doesn't
really matter, methinks.

An average user should be able to handle at least nano or mcedit. Hey,
even my 70 year old grandma could do that, and she doesn't even speak

> It should be possible for any Debian user to file a bug or a 
> ask for a feature...

That is already possible. For those users who can't handle the editor of
their choice... they should probably learn one first, before filing

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