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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 09:23:43PM +0200, Guaka wrote:
> >Setting the network up is a completely different thing, and has nothing
> >to do with reportbug et al. (Also note that if there is no network, the
> >web interface won't work either, so your random user needs to set up the
> >network anyway)
> It does for sending mails. Many people (like me) don't care 
> about configuring an MTA on every one of their boxen.

Well, that's silly then. You get an MTA when you install your system. It
asks you a few simple questions and configures the system into having a
working MTA setup that way. Saying "I don't want to configure an MTA, so
reportbug sucks" is, uhm, reversing the argument.

That said, I *want* people to use reportbug rather than a web-based
interface. The reason for this is that reportbug includes some relevant
information *by default*, and can have me put scripts in /usr/share/bug
or some such, which will allow me to get even more relevant information
from the user's system. That way, reporting bugs is way more effective
and efficient than any web-based bug tracking system can ever hope to
be -- at least, I hope so; I wouldn't want to run *any* webbrowser which
allows a web page to run random shell scripts on my local system.

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