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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

Thus spoke Guaka <guaka@303.nu> on 2004-04-06 21:23:43:
> >No. She didn't touch reportbug, but could handle an editor. Which is, if
> >I understood you correctly, one of the problems with reportbug: it
> >spawns an editor.
> No, I think you didn't understand me correctly.
> I've been a Gentoo user for a while, and what struck me was 
> that it was so easy to report bugs and provide new ebuild - 
> that is, to actively participate in the process of improving 
> Gentoo.

Sorry, but I fail to see how a bugzilla can be easier than reportbug.
One has to figure out how bugzilla works - on the other hand, repotbgu
guides you through the reporting process. Sounds much friendlier to me
to be honest.

Providing new debian packages is another matter, which is a bit harder,
but average users shouldn't do that anyways. Why not, is another rant,
and I'm not going to have that here.

> Debian is much less transparent in this regard. And I think 
> the lack of an easy bug reporting system is one of the reasons 
> for this.

Less transparent? ROTFL.

> >Setting the network up is a completely different thing, and has nothing
> >to do with reportbug et al. (Also note that if there is no network, the
> >web interface won't work either, so your random user needs to set up the
> >network anyway)
> It does for sending mails. Many people (like me) don't care 
> about configuring an MTA on every one of their boxen.

Never ever asked me during this few years I've been using it. Though, I
do have at least a forward-only mta installed on every one of my boxen.

I'd also note that if one doesn't know his ISP's smtp host, won't be
able to send any kind of mail (except if he has his own mta, in which
case he could set it up, so this part of the problem is nonexistent), 
which kinda limits one's internet usage.

Again, one who can't set up an MTA for himself OR doesn't know how to
send email from his box should not be allowed to report bugs, but should
find a more experienced user to help him.
> >Also, configuring a simple mta for a home system, your average user will
> >have is as simple as installing any mta, and telling it your ISP's smtp
> >server.
> >And back to one of my original points: if an average user can't set up
> >his network, including mailing, and/or can't use an editor, I don't want
> >him to report bugs. Period. He should learn to handle his computer
> >better first, or ask a more advanced user to report a bug for him.
> Well, if this point of yours is also "Debian's point", to only 
> have wizzards sending in bugs, it's no wonder projects like 
> Libros, Lindows and Xandros keep popping up...

You don't have to be a wizard to configure an mta and handle an editor.
If that would be the case, most of these silly windoze viruses wouldn't

You just have to be an average user, able to handle email and an editor.
If that is too much to ask, well... duh. Go back and use something more
appropriate for you.

I'd also advise you to have a look at the bugs submitted to the Debian
BTS: MANY of the bugs were submitted by J Random Users, not wizards.
There is NO wizardry in answering simple questions regarding one's smtp
host, and there is no wizardry in handling an editor.

Two simple requirements. On the other hand, lets take bugzilla. To
report bugs using bugzilla, you need a browser. For a browser, you need
network, and proably proxy settings. And you need to be able to type
text into an area.

Now, lets compare the two: both need a network, one needs a way to send
mail, the other needs a way to access web pages (smtp or proxy setup,
piece of cake, both of them, any user can do that), and the user needs
to be able to type text into an area. The ONLY area where the debian BTS
is more complex, is thast it needs an editor, and you're not just
presented by a textbox. Now, if one can't handle an editor, why in the
name of $DEITY is he trying to report a bug? Is it too much to ask to be
able to handle an editor? I don't think so.

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