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String freeze (was Re: Debian Debconf Translation: Compromise)

[Cc: debian-i18n to get translators' attention]

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 11:03:20PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> I guess the alternative would be to setup something like:
> 	Day 1: Cleanup freeze begins. No uploads that aren't approved
> 	       by RM team will make it into the next stable. Uploads
> 	       will be approved that fix security bugs, and translations
> 	       for packages that have been last uploaded less than four
> 	       weeks ago. Other uploads that include important fixes may
> 	       be accepted.
> 	Day 15: Security freeze only. Uploads will only be accepted that
> 	       fix security issues.
> 	Day 30: Release
> This would mean the translation team would have to have someone collating
> translations for packages and NMUing them, and that they'd have to be on
> the ball enough to have already uploaded translations for things that
> haven't changed in the past month, and to finish off everything in a
> couple of weeks. It'd have to be NMUs in at least some cases, because
> a couple of weeks probably isn't enough time to coordinate with all
> maintainers. It'd have to be a couple of weeks, because without britney,
> a separate distribution is just too much of a nuisance to maintain. And
> it'd have to be limited to packages that have recently been uploaded
> to ensure that we don't come across any unknown FTBFS problems due to
> changes in the toolchain.

Sounds fair.  I will go through the BTS and collect l10n related
bugreports so that they can be worked on.  If there are other people
interested in helping, please send me a mail so that we can coordinate
our efforts.


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