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Debian Debconf Translation: Compromise (was: Debian Debconf Translation proposal ( again ))

Mark Brown writes:

> On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 07:25:40AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
>> A centralized repository for translations would maybe break this
>> maintainer/translator interaction.

> I think that pretty much everyone agrees that this would be a good
> idea.  What's controversial seems to be what happens to the
> translations after they've been produced.

We should probably try to reach a compromise here.  I still think
moving translations to their own package is a good idea, but other
points from the proposal remain valid without it.

If we could agree on the following other points raised here and in
other people's mails, that would already be a major step forward:

1. A more formal system to be put in place on alioth, where you can
   more easily give write access to your translations to the
   translation teams.  
2. Encourage more people to move their code to alioth.  I guess this
   is a pretty good idea in general, that pretty much everybody
   already agrees on.
3. Try to put some sort of system in place to automatically warn
   translators about changed strings.
4. The good old string freeze.  I don't personnally understand
   Wouter's "Ha !" comment, but I'm sure he'll be willing to expand
   upon this ?


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