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Re: String freeze (was Re: Debian Debconf Translation: Compromise)

Quoting Denis Barbier (barbier@linuxfr.org):

> Sounds fair.  I will go through the BTS and collect l10n related
> bugreports so that they can be worked on.  If there are other people

How the hell will you do this as there is no "i18n" tag in the BTS
(wild wide ranting)?

I'm prety sure, you'll find a way, Denis....but by losing a lot of

A very valuable DDD will lose a lot of time because the damn i18n tag
does not exist in the BTS.

I maybe am underestimating the work needed and implied by adding a new
tag to the BTS, but this is asked for months now (no BTS currently
available for checking the exact bug number, but it's easy to
find.....this is a BR from Martin Quinson against the BTS).

Other valuable tags have been added in the meantime (d-i,
confirmed...) and I don't really understand why not this one.

Several of us are using tricks (such as [intl:xx] markers in BR
subjects), but that's not really satisfactory as all i18n related bug
reports are far from being marked like this.

And, please don't answer me "DIY". I'm definitely unaware of what is
needed for adding a tag to the BTS. Chacun son métier...:-)

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