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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org> writes:

>> 3. Now, next step, what makes you think that Debian specifically 
>>    target?
> Experience.
>> 4. What makes you think that RedHat, for instance, specifically target
>>    Desktop computers?
> Ditto.
> Debian GNU/Linux have ALWAYS been targeted (primarily) for servers. To
> provide a secure, stable distribution. And that is an absolute requirement
> on a server (in my opinion).

As others have already said, your experience is telling you very
different things from what my experience is telling me.

The thing that makes Debian unique and not JALD (Just Another Linux
Distribution) is, in my experience, our strict adherence to the DFSG,
as guided by the Debian Social Contract.  Debian is different from
other distributions the way that the FSF is different from other
organizations that make free software - Debian is a *philosophy*.

It happens that along the way in pursuit that philosophy we've
produced a distribution that some people find happens to meet their
server needs admirably.  (and, unfortunately, some people have found
that Debian fails to meet their desktop needs - it meets mine, but
some people don't have my good taste) However, this is a coincidence
or, at best a byproduct of producing a distribution in line with
Debian's philosophy.  I can find no evidence that there was ever a
deliberate attempt to focus on one type of user.  (Beyond, "the type
of user who would support a 100% free software distribution")

Yes, I'm saying that licensing flame wars are an essential part of
Debian.  No, I don't like the flame wars more than the next person,
but I understand that they're necessary.

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