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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise

Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de> wrote:

>> | Especially since stable doesn't even install on recent server boxes...
>> Installed fine on my dual Opteron.  I doubt you'll get very much more
>> recent hardware.
> The problem being the non supported hardware (like in
> our case the Intel Gigabit network card, which was only
> supported from 2.4.20 upwards). This makes a network
> install a pain.

There are some workarounds. One is


from Eduard Bloch.

There is an downloadable ISO-Image (floppies, too, of
course), which lets you install woody based on
2.4.20 (and xfs, if you like).

The floppies include various drivers for SCSI controllers,
etc. (and even for your intel card, iirc).

There is no safe distance.

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