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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 08:53:42PM +1100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> It hasn't happend yet.  You have to understand that rejections at the
> DAM stage are quite rare; most applications are rejected at the AM
> stage (and most of them because the applicants don't have enough time
> or interest, not because of philosophical or technical problems).

I understand, but they happen, and i think this to be a not-so-open point in
our open structure. DAM discussion with applicants (and vice-versa) should be
open for reading (as well as discussion with keyring and ftpmasters, archived
or not archived).
Indeed there is the issues about rejection being public, which should be also
covered. It makes sense to me that poeple being rejected (at any level) would
not like this to be known.

In another mail you also say:
> So what's exactly the problem you're trying to solve?  The da-manager
> alias is archived and if a "complain[sic] pops up" someone can surely
> get access to the archive to see what happened.  Although, if the
> complaint is a lack of response, you surely wouldn't find anything
> in the archive, would you?

But if i do not a good job anyone can read my bug reports (actually there are a
lot of people reading reports to my packages); if i do not reply to
reports, fix bugs, be active for a while, i can become MIA, my packages be
orphaned and eventually i can resign (or be forced to). On my side (a simple
maintainer) evrything i do is under control, and open: people on some
keypoints in Debian structure do not have the same treatment. Not being as
open as the rest of Debian is one of the reasons they are falmed.

Please, I don't want people NMUing keyring/ftpmasters/dam job. The concept is
indeed the same. Of course if the do not reply mails i would not find
anything, but being subscribed i could read directly what happen, or be aware
of the fact that nothing happens.

Haveing a list for DAM does not makes sense? Make DAM discuss _evrythig_ or
be publically contacted (for example about status reporting) on -newmaint.

Trust is not a transitive property: i trusted you as DPL, this does not mean i
trust your delegates. I'd like to know what they do, when they do something
for Debian.

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