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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 10:23:08AM +0100, David Weinehall wrote:
> A lot of people believe that Elvis still is alive, a lot of people used
> to believe in flogiston rather than oxygen, a lot of people "knew" that
> that world was flat...  The list goes on for ages.  Face it,
> that a lot of people have strong feelings about something just doesn't
> make it true; we have war, religion and modern financial theory as
> evidence for this.

I've nothing to face. If you don't prove me otherwise, what i've said stands.
It was proven that earth was not flat, it was probably proven that oxygen was
better thatn flogiston (I don't really know what both are), and Elvis... i'll
skip any superflous comment on this.

> As for James: if you are in a position where you decide who's to go in
> and who's not (as the DAM), and to decide _what_ goes in and what
> doesn't (as an FTP-master), you must:

You did absolutely misreaded what i've written: i've not meant that he should
not take unpopular decisions, but you where probaly focused on finding some
not very helpful argument for the discussion.

If you are in charge of any position in a community you inevitably get a
political role. You can take popular or unpopular decision, but in neither
case you can behave rudely or cut disuccion short or take any mail lightly.
You are discussing with people from other countries with different language
and different culture.  You _must_ take time and give your best to explaint
the reason of any choice you made because it's not obvious the the recipient
might understand. _THIS_ is the problem.

As for the DAM, i wander why an AM racommends an applicant, but the DAM does
not accept him. What does this mean? Is AM role relevant or in effect DAM is
the real one who decides? If the latter, why haveing AM? As you can see, this
has nothing to deal with popular or unpopular decision.

Do we want to talk about keyring?

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