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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

* Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org> [2003-11-13 11:23]:
> That's correct, but there still are unclear point in this workflow.
> The problem is that a new complain pops up, this is yet another
> discussion with no backlog, so i've to build my opinion from what
> happened in the past. The past was not so happy with James (i still
> can't say that now is not like before).

So what's exactly the problem you're trying to solve?  The da-manager
alias is archived and if a "complain[sic] pops up" someone can surely
get access to the archive to see what happened.  Although, if the
complaint is a lack of response, you surely wouldn't find anything
in the archive, would you?

Anyway, I think you should come back when you have a problem you want
to solve.
Martin Michlmayr

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