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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 10:54, Marc Haber wrote:
> >| If you disagree with that, you can either try your luck with another
> >| ftp-master or get rough consensus on debian-devel that I'm wrong.

> You are the "secret" Boss of the project. You control who gets
> accounts, has her key in the key ring, and you control what gets into
> the archive. So, if you say "no, the Debian doesn't want your work",
> that's the official voice of the project. And if you say "well done,
> thanks for your contribution" a week later to another DD having
> duplicated the effort that was already done, that's - again - the
> official voice. The official voice saying "go fsck yourself" to the
> first DD. This is bad.

Personally I don't see James as the 'official voice' of the Debian
project. It's a bit presumptuous of you to assume that it's him being
inconsistent in applying his rules. He's not.

If you had actually *READ* the email you quoted you'd have noticed that
it was me who accepted the br2684ctl package. 

> It is a pity that you still behave like you consider /dev/random a
> significant part of your daily operation. This is doing great harm to
> the project, and it is scaring skilled people away on a daily basis.

If the presence of more than one person behind a *TASK ADDRESS* can be
considered /dev/random, then perhaps you should strike out against all
the people who maintain packages in groups.

I admit that if I'd remembered the br2684ctl <-> linux-atm link, I
possibly wouldn't have accepted the package, however as James stated in
his email:

  * Well, sorry, but I'm personally not prepared to add (overrides for)
  * a package to unstable with nothing but an 8k binary and a 1k
  * manpage.

He personally wasn't prepared to add the package. He didn't prevent you
trying to get other opinions on the matter though.

Your package was rejected for being too small to warrant being split out
from the linux-atm package. With no direct way to reference the
br2684ctl package to the linux-atm package when I came to process some
NEW packages last night, I applied common sense to the upload I had in
front of me and accepted it.

When linux-atm gets to the point that the br2684ctl program is
sufficiently stable to be included in the main package, I invite you to
file a bug requesting that the br2684ctl source package be removed,
having been obsoleted by the linux-atm package.

We have procedures in place to handle all this, perhaps it's time you
learnt to use those, instead of whining about things which aren't even
the case.


Daniel Silverstone
(the FTP master who appears to have inadvertantly confused you)

Daniel Silverstone                       http://www.digital-scurf.org/
Hostmaster, Webmaster, and Chief Code Wibbler: Digital-Scurf Unlimited
GPG Public key available from keyring.debian.org       KeyId: 20687895

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