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Re: Bug#220358: ITP: mecab-ipadic -- IPA dictionary compiled for Mecab

> First, IANAL and not a native speaker nor a regular debian-legal reader,
> but I can't see what is exactly nonfree in this piece of licence. In my
> reading it just says,
> 1) Do what you want with it
> 2) Keep a NO WARRANTY section in the licence 
> 3) Don't do any illegal stuff

The last is the killer; say you're a suspected dissident that's prohibited
from using a computer or computing software, making your copying of the
software illegal. Thus after using this software send an email to 
journalists revealing the ongoing genocide of your people, and escaping 
to the free world, you are now open to civil prosecution for copyright 
violation. It discriminates against classes of users and thus violates
the DFSG.

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