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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

Bruce Sass <bsass@edmc.net> writes:
> > Think about it -- menus are nice because you can browse through them
> > quickly, seeing what's there.  A `describe this' _command_ like you
> > suggest is going to seriously interfere with such browsing (as in, stop
> > it dead in its tracks).
> How do you figure that.  Don't hit the right mouse button and nothing
> pops up will stop menu browsing dead in its tracks how?

I mean, if you want to see the `extra' info, then menu-browsing stops
(because as soon as you select something from a menu, you've got to
start all over to continue with your menu browsing).

I think the sort of information being discussed is something that users
typically want to see _as_ they're browing, because it's information that
they're using to help them find the program they want.

Would you like fries with that?

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