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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

On Tue, 29 Oct 2003, Miles Bader wrote:

> Bruce Sass <bsass@edmc.net> writes:
> > Sure, instead of genericnames.  User sees "Internet/konqueror", thinks
> > wtf is that, RMB on the konqueror enty pops up a menu with entries
> > which: fire up khelpcenter on the docs, do "apt-cache show `dpkg -S
> > /usr/bin/konqueror` (whatever), etc.
> Are you serious?
> Think about it -- menus are nice because you can browse through them
> quickly, seeing what's there.  A `describe this' _command_ like you
> suggest is going to seriously interfere with such browsing (as in, stop
> it dead in its tracks).

How do you figure that.  Don't hit the right mouse button and nothing
pops up will stop menu browsing dead in its tracks how?

> Those methods might good ways to generate tooltips or something, or as
> _additional_ aids to comprehension, but anything that requires the user
> to explicitly invoke it is generally only going to be used when the user
> already knows what something is, but wants a bit more info (which is not
> the case being discussed here).

Sure it is, I'm just suggesting more info than a useless after you've
seen it once or twice generic name.

> Personally I like just say `Internet/konqueror' as the menu item, and
> something like `Konqueror Web Browser' as the tooltip, but tacking `Web
> Browser' onto the end of actual name (e.g. `Konqueror Web Browser') also
> seems fine.

A tooltip would be much better than cluttering the menues with
descriptive generic names, as long as it can be turned off.

- Bruce

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