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Brief descriptions in menu entries

> It sounds important to me to name the software, so it would more be
> something like 
> Applications -> Internet -> GAIM [Instant Messanger]
>                            Mozilla Firebird  [Web Browser]>
>                            Kmail [Email Client]
>                            ...

I'm in full support of this.  ATM menu supports only title (which must
not contain a description according to menu policy) and longtitle (which
can be up to a line and so is useless for menu entries).

I'd suggest a new menu field such as "genericname" (to be consistent
with GNOME and KDE desktop files which use the same field for the same


  title="Mozilla Firebird" \
  genericname="Web Browser" \
  longtitle="Stuff stuff stuff and more stuff that can be a line long" \

IHMO this is an important usability step for new users frightened by the
large amount of unfamiliar software that gets installed on their systems.


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