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Re: none

<markus.riester@student.uni-tuebingen.de> said:

> hello,
> i hope this is not already discussed (a short google-search found nothing). if
>   it is so, please ignore this mail.
> i made this proposal in an bugreport
> (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=217520), but was "a little
> bit" offtopic:
> I have installed in the last week debian for two newbies, and all are a little
> bit confused about this thousands of different progs (in 3!!! different
> menus), that do the same thing. The Gnome "Internet" menu for examples is a
> mess. Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Editor, Web Browser .... XD2 does it
> much better with its ">>>More" submenu. Debian has with update-alternatives an
> nice system for handling this problem, why not make the menu based (or at
> least make the menu use it) on this? Unselected browsers, editors,
> instant-messanger... in more, selected in main (i am quite sure, i am not the
> first person with this idea, so maybe it is not trivial to implement) 
> Applications -> Internet -> Instant Messanger
>                             Web Browser
>                             Email
>                             Irc
>                             Newsreader
>                             >>> More ->  Mozilla Firebird
>                                          Mozilla
>                                          Konqueror 
>                                          ...

It sounds important to me to name the software, so it would more be
something like 

Applications -> Internet -> GAIM [Instant Messanger]
                           Mozilla Firebird  [Web Browser]>
                           Kmail [Email Client]
Mathieu Roy

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