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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Ben Burton wrote:
> Chris Cheny wrote:
> > Why not just convert the Debian menu system over to the freedesktop
> > standard after sarge is released? Gnome, and KDE (and probably others)
> > already use it. It takes care of this problems and several others,
> > besides making the Debian menu files standard format.
> I rather like the idea of this.  Though of course the people who need to
> be convinced are the ones writing menu-methods files for systems that
> don't use this standard. :)

I like it, although it is a bit heavy handed.

on one hand:
Is "this problem" really a problem that warrants rewriting the menu
system, and the menu-methods, and the menu entries.  The existing
system should create submenues as required, and those with only one or
two of a particular type of app (freedesktop's GenericName) that don't
know what (say) apps->net->konqueror is can do...

~$ man konqueror
No manual entry for konqueror
See 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available.

...well, at least they should be able to consult the manual, eh.

on the other hand:
It would sure be nice if I could override the system wide entries and
get nice KDE menues.  i.e., the standard menu sucks because it
can't/doesn't communicate enough info to KDE, KDE's menues suck
because I can't do a system-wide replacement of an entry (without it
getting overwritten next upgrade).

Why not adopt a convention for dealing with menu entry fragments so a
menu-method has somewhere to look for additional data.  This would
open up the possibility for (say) KDE to actually integrate its menues
with the system instead of dumping them into /usr then tacking on the
Debian menues.

- Bruce

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