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Re: debconf template translation

> > Notice that buildd maintainers are doing almost that for
> > fail-to-build-from-source bugs, so it is not entirely
> > impossible.
> No, but I suspect that the number of package that do not build when
> uploaded is far less than the number of packages that miss some
> translations.

I think that the number of packages which have debconf 
questions is far less than the number of packages which fail to
Roughly 10% of packages in Debian archive did not build from
source (which has improved recently due to repeated process of 
bug-filing and NMUing).

> > Basically, maintainer system is somewhat working with 
> > build failure bugs, where we have 
> > 
> > 1. buildd.debian.org to initially check build failures
> So you propose that it would check if all available translations are
> added to the package.

Hmmm.. yes, if it doesn't already do so.
There are l10n pages in www.debian.org, which already 
does checks for untranslated debconf entries, right?
> > 2. bugs are filed after buildd maintainers check the build log
> And then file bugs if that isn't done... 
> Well if it can detect that, why not let it also just add the
> translations. After all adding some translations is far less complicated
> than a FTBS bug, which undoubtedly needs human (maintainer)
> intervention. In that case we do not need to:
> > 3. if maintainer does not respond, someone NMUs the build failure.
> The only price we have to pay is that we probably will have to change
> the packaging/build system (which is probably not easy, sorry no
> experience there;).

The main thing is that many untranslated packages need to have 
some kind of build system tweaks, so it is not actually always a 
trivial automated task.


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