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debconf template translation


We translate debconf templates since years into many languages. But some
package maintainers don't include the translations in the deb packages
or need 'some' time for this. We all know this problem, query the BTS if
you don't believe this fact.

Since 6 months we translate debconf templates with the DDTP. If we
translate <400 debconf templates into German, we will have translated
all debconf templates from all sid/main packages. Other languages like
es and da started the translation too. See the process on 

But the package maintainers don't use all this translations. (I don't
bug all the packages, yet. IMHO this is not the right way.)

We need a way to get the translations to the debian user, without any
work of the package maintainers. They only delay the whole process.

On debian-i18n@ we talk about this and maybe we have found one way. 

The DDTP make some test debconf dat files with translations, you can
download this files from a URL like:
(replace 'de' with 'da', 'fr', ... for a other language)

If you now change your debconf config like this: 
|Name: templatedb_debconf
|Driver: File
|Mode: 644
|Filename: /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat
|Name: templatedb_de
|Driver: File
|Mode: 644
|Filename: /var/cache/debconf/debconf-de.dat.new
|Readonly: true
|Required: false
|Name: templatedb
|Driver: Stack
|Stack: templatedb_debconf, templatedb_de
you see all this translations and you can use it!

I test it myself, it work! (The dat files still produce some warnings,
but I will fix this.)

Maybe someone have some comments about this?!

If nobody have objections, I will produce some debonf-l10n-LANG.deb packages
with all debconf translations from the DDTP and a working debconf.conf


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