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Re: debconf template translation

Michael Bramer wrote:
> We need a way to get the translations to the debian user, without any
> work of the package maintainers. They only delay the whole process.

It would help if you would provide an easy (automatable) way to download
the translations for a package in form of a po-debconf .po file. As it
is it takes far too much manipulation to get the data that is there into
a usable form.

> On debian-i18n@ we talk about this and maybe we have found one way.
> The DDTP make some test debconf dat files with translations, you can
> download this files from a URL like:
> http://ddtp.debian.org/debconf/template_unstable/debconf-de.dat.new
> (replace 'de' with 'da', 'fr', ... for a other language)
> If you now change your debconf config like this: 
> |Name: templatedb_debconf
> |Driver: File
> |Mode: 644
> |Filename: /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat
> |
> |Name: templatedb_de
> |Driver: File
> |Mode: 644
> |Filename: /var/cache/debconf/debconf-de.dat.new
> |Readonly: true
> |Required: false
> |
> |Name: templatedb
> |Driver: Stack
> |Stack: templatedb_debconf, templatedb_de
> you see all this translations and you can use it!
> I test it myself, it work! (The dat files still produce some warnings,
> but I will fix this.)
> Maybe someone have some comments about this?!
> If nobody have objections, I will produce some debonf-l10n-LANG.deb packages
> with all debconf translations from the DDTP and a working debconf.conf
> example...

I guess you're welcome to do this but it is fundamentally a hack.

see shy jo

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