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Re: debconf template translation

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 09:13:49AM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> Yes, for the package integration, this will be the best way. I already
> make some (bugy) po debconf files for some testing. See 
> http://ddtp.debian.org/debconf/template_unstable/beep/templates-de.po

Ah. I was unable to find a link on the webpage. Only tried a couple of
minutes though.
> But sorry, I say it again: this is not a real solution for all packages (IMHO)

>  - some package maintains don't like translations (I don't need this
>    stuff, it is only work)

Well, drag them on -devel like those people who abuse changelogs.

>  - some packages are not (really) maintained. 

NMU, see below

>  - if a package have a aktiv maintainer, he must choose: 
>    - he can make daily uploads with new/fixed translations, only work
>      and this all hit the autobuilders
>    - he can collect some translations stuff and make builds only all
>      weeks/months

fair enough. But this is not an issue. The deadline is the release - we
should either have *all* package templates be translated *and*
integrated by that time, or don't bother with it. Jumping from english
to another language all the time sure looks pityful.

> This all make a very big delay. If we can, we should not use any
> package maintainer in this loop. We should use something like 
>  - sub packages
>  - own PACKAGE-l10n-LANG packages with all translations (not only
>    debconf, also all other forms: man, po, README's, info, ...)
>  - use bigger l10n-LANG packages like the kde-l10n-* packages, see below

I'm not sure I agree with you here. I know you got burned with your
motivation to push i18n forward while some developers attack you in
public. Also, aj's mail about doing stuff without interfering  with
other maintainers is still in my head, but we should make an effort.

I think *technically*, the translated template belong into the package.
Any objections? 

I agree that *socially*, this might be a problem.

So, what to do?

How about you continue filing bugs with translated templates for the
time being? The release is not anywhere on the horizon.

If by the time sarge seems to shape up a lot of debian packages lack
translated templates, I guess every maintainer should expect NMUs of
their packages in order to get them in (not right now, but before or at
the beginning of the freeze)

If that still doesn't help, use your template-packages as a last resort.

thanks for all your work,


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