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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

>>>>> "mt" == marco trevisani <marco@centrotemporeale.it> writes:

    mt> Yes with guenter we are working on a technical docuement to
    mt> propose to the Debian list and interested maintainers to see
    mt> if we could awake some interest and enthusiasm.

I'm   looking  forward to   looking  at it,  and  I   hope that I  can
(privately) contribute to it as much as my capabilities allow.

    mt> As  for  Andrea GLorioso, who  is going  to replace  me in the
    mt> position  of   Technical  Coordinator  in   the  Agnula/DeMuDi
    mt> project, i whish first to him  to do a  better job than i did,


    mt> quite   difficult a clean,    clear and fair relation  between
    mt> DeMuDi and  Debian, which does not mean  at  all ignoring each
    mt> other.

I completely agree  with  you, and I  hope that  at last   the initial
misunderstanding about the relative positions of debian-multimedia and
DeMuDi is not cleared.

    mt> As for setting up gforge etc....these are the big enthusiastic
    mt> dreams once you start or you enter a new project, and large
    mt> such as DeMuDi...for instance Cvs -open and public- already
    mt> exists for agnula, just need a better network connection and
    mt> better dissemination....

CVS is just  a   part of the big   picture.   All dreams can  fail  or


Andrea Glorioso               andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it
Centro Tempo Reale                http://www.centrotemporeale.it/
AGNULA/DeMuDi Technical Manager   http://www.[demudi|agnula].org/
"There's no free expression without control on the tools you use"

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