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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Brutal...it is ok as long it helps to make clarify the ideas.

DeMuDi has never stopped, just to little resources and few people
(almost only guenter geiger -also a debian maintainer- on the tech
side). This makes hard to keep alive a project and i think that if we
want get poeple interested in contributing the Debian project is the
way to go.

> We have currently 5 well-known sub-projects, debian-multimedia could be a 
> new one, but you must define many things to clarify what's a multimedia project.
> I see only woody-related stuffi there. This is a non-sense. We cannot
> work on stable, too many things are now different among woody and sid. 
> Packaging needs to be done on sid. A meta-package could be ideal.

yes you are right...but demudi has an unstable part which is very
unstable...and we have started to work.

As for DD.
Guenter Geiger is a DD, who actually made most of the work, and im'
goign to apply...i spent (still not over) two days in reading all
policies and documentation, i feel like being back to school, which is
a nice feeling indeed...:-)

Guenter is going to submit to wnpp what has been done till now.

I'm also preparing a

> A lot of good work in debian in the past and in the present
> was born as a single-man effort. And this is true for all free software.

this is true, in fact making DeMuDi as a distribution, even if based
on Debian it is not such a big problem, problem is what comes later,
which is hard to keep alive with little resources, i.e. updating bug
fixes etc...

> That's not the point. Starting a sub-project requires knowledge, time
> and efforts. 

Well this is exactly the point. With Guenter we have spent an entire
year full time working.

> Currently www.demudi.org seems at a dead point, to be
> honest.  

Actually we are working...(plus there are some changes in the internal
DeMuDi/AGNULA organisation), fixing problems and updating packages.
Today there was a major update.

The fact that the package list is relatively small is a feature no a
bug...:-) In fact we wanted to build a distribution all based on Jack
so we need to apply some patches to the applications in order to get
them to work with jack.
This part cold be soon outdated too since Marten De Boer is writing an
alsa plugin that should allow all alsa application to work with jack
with no modification to the application code.

> Package list is very limited and outdated (some packages are 
> already in sid, some other cannot be in sid for licensing problems). 
> Also MLs are not archived.  

we are working only on free software, i dont see the license problem
you mention, so please let me know. Fsf Europe, which is part of the
project is backing up and checking all software.
There is only ONE case inside AGNULA  that has such a problem, as long
as i know, and it is jmax. In fact the problem is not jmax (which code
is totally free software) but rather java and other parts that are
needed for jmax to run, but IRCAM is working on fixing that...possible
options are under consideration python/gtk etc.

We have been without sysadm for a while, and one was just hired few
days ago...ML are actually there, just a wrong link. It must be fixed
absolutely of course. 

All these things cannot encourage developers 
> to join.  At this point you must demonstrate that demudi is alive. 

> And the better way to do it is starting soon a new SF site and fill
> of development-related contents. And you must do this... yesterday.

cvs.agnula.org has already this.
We had, at some point to leave this alone because of network problem
that server had (edisontel bad line...:-(( ) but it is there, with
mainly all the application packaged.
Agnula also host the sid version of demudi. It is not advertised
because of the network problems (beside its actual excess of

In fact my idea of integrating it comes really because DeMuDi is much
alilve and we have difficulties to keep it up to date...

I dont know, maybe i'm missing something, but...did i say something
wrong or bad? To me i would sound interesting if a multimedia project
would start in Debian.Yes i indeed agree that a more technical email
with a clear description of objectives, goal and what has been
achieved till now will be send...and i was actually work on that....

Thanks for the comments, even if brutals they are useful.


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