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Re: [internal-projects] [Debian-multimedia] Start an official internal project!

Il 13/02/2003 alle 19:00:27, +0100, Raphael Hertzog ha scritto:
> Le Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 08:19:35PM +0100, andrea.glorioso@centrotemporeale.it écrivait:
> > On top  of my TODO  list there is  a gforge installation which  can be
> Don't loose time setting up a gforge installation yourself. What exactly
> do you need ?


> > As a final  final point,  let me  stress  that Marco, Guenter  and all
> > other  people involved in DeMuDi till  now have done  a wonderful job.
> Agreed, I thank them for their work, and I hope they will overcome
> the little burden of integrating Demudi in Debian.

Yes with guenter we are working on a technical docuement to propose to
the Debian list and interested maintainers to see if we could awake
some interest and enthusiasm.

I would like to stress again that we (Guenter and I) dont want to
*integrate* DeMuDi into Debian, but rather starting from the DeMuDI
experience we did (by having gave birth...to this project and having
worked on it for 4 years now), we just need to take the epxerience
into the possibilities that offers Debian as it is, plus, of course,
working hard to fill those gaps, if they exists, in the Debian
project regarding this specific field and being able to offer to the
Debian users a very specific multimedia installation or
upgrade. Trying to coordinate as much as possible between the
maintainers whose packages are related to the multimedia field.

As for Andrea GLorioso, who is going to replace me in the position of
Technical Coordinator in the Agnula/DeMuDi project, i whish first to
him to do a better job than i did, and that is the easiest part...:-)
and i also whish him not to repeat the same errors we did, i.e. try to
*force* an almost impossible interaction between Debian (DD MM and
project in general) and DeMuDi, simply because the way the two
projects are progressing is totally different (deadline, EU founding
etc.) and are quite incompatible as Lovergine was underlining in one
of his mails, because it is hard to adapt free-software philosophy to
traditional economical models, also because even grant makers, as open
and *free* they could be, they always think that is free-software
model that need to be adapted to a traditional economical model rather
than the other way around, which is the correct way to see the problem
and this is why i decided to dedicate my time to the
All this, even from the highest good faith from both sides makes quite
difficult a clean, clear and fair relation between DeMuDi and Debian,
which does not mean at all ignoring each other.

As for setting up gforge etc....these are the big enthusiastic dreams
once you start or you enter a new project, and large such as
DeMuDi...for instance Cvs -open and public- already exists for agnula,
just need a better network connection and better dissemination....


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