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opening -private archives (was Re: Discussion - non-free software removal)

Branden Robinson wrote:
> Debian Developers can review the process that produced the Social
> Contract and Free Software Guidelines by looking at the following files:
> master.debian.org:/debian/home/debian/archive/debian-private/debian-private-199706.gz
> master.debian.org:/debian/home/debian/archive/debian-private/debian-private-199707.gz

I'm going completly offtopic, but this is an excellent example of why we
should open up debian-private archives after x years, or at least allow
developers to repost from debian-private with due discretion. Though it
made some sense at the time to have it on -private, nothing in the
relevant parts of the above (at least I've looked back over the first
one) has any reason to be hidden from our users any more, or from anyone
who cares about the OSD or DFSG, or from from prospective new developers
who will be agreeing to these documents. It's important history.

see shy jo

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