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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 02:46:01PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:

> you're right - non-free is not in Debian GNU/Linux itself.  that's
> certainly true.
> the problem is that you think a little hand-waving and yelling will make
> everyone forget that a non-free section is in the the debian archive and
> that we can just get rid of it without disrupting anything or
> inconveniencing anyone.

I did not state the removal from the next release would have zero impact.  I
believe, though, that the impact will be negligible.

> sorry, we're not that stupid.

You have yet to demonstrate even one material problem that would arise from
non-free being removed from Debian servers in future releases.

> zealotry like yours disgusts me.  it's as offensive as christians hating
> and oppressing jews or moslems or hindus or pagans just because they
> have different beliefs, and vice-versa.

Nominally, you have accepted the same social contract as everyone else and
would claim to adhere to Debian's strong Free Software stance.  I fail to
see why you are taking such a pro-proprietary stance within an organization
such as Debian.

Nonetheless, I am not trying to ban non-free software.  I am being no more
zealous than you ("everyone that wants non-free software off ftp.debian.org
is stupid").  I am merely trying to help this project move forward and
advance itself in the spirit in which it was founded.

> it shames me to be a member of the same organisation as someone with
> such bigoted and intolerant views as you.

Yes, it is such a shame that I would have you alter a dozen or so characters
in your sources.list.  BTW, you do realize that I maintain non-free packages
myself, right?

You still have yet to point out how this actually hurts people.

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