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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:

> The problem is that there isn't a free alternative for many of the
> things in non-free, unless we want to establish "ideologically pure"
> alternatives to the W3C and IETF.

That's exactly my point -- which free program should I use when I
want to listen to RealPlayer only radio stations (www.wgbh.org,
www.wbur.org, radiozurnal.rozhlas.cz, www.bbcnews.com)? If the
answer is that honest will sacrifice his lust for some particular
station on the altar of free software, than I will probably save
my answer to /dev/null (I do not want to be rude).

Until some better solution than the sacrifice is ready in the
stable version, I will vote for keeping non-free in Debian. BTW,
which list should I subscribe (with lower amount of emails) to be
informed, when the voting will occur? I definitively want to vote
against, but the amount of emails here is slightly too much for



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